Puppies arrive as adorable little bundles of fur, but amazingly, within a few months reach near-adult size. Training should begin as soon as you bring your puppy home. By learning how to communicate and develop a trusting relationship with your pup now, you can prevent serious problems down the line.

Hunter and Benny at play. Puppy class is a terrific place for them to learn to inhibit their bite, and enjoy the company of other dogs and people — especially children.

Preparing for Your New Puppy or Dog (Private Consultation)
Having your house ready for the arrival of your new puppy can prevent a myriad of problems. We will go over such things as equipment, crates, sleeping areas, feeding and housebreaking routines, appropriate toys, etc. If you haven’t yet selected a puppy, we can discuss what breeds would best suit your lifestyle, as well as explore the option of adopting a dog or puppy from a shelter.

Puppy Kindergarten (Group and Private)
For puppies under 5 months old. Focus is on socialization, housebreaking, mouthing and nipping, chewing, and jumping. Basic commands are also taught, including sit, down, come, stay, wait, leave it, drop it, settle, and walking nicely on a leash.

Graduate Puppy (Group and Private)
For puppies 5 months to one year who have completed Puppy Kindergarten or equivalent. We will work on fine-tuning the basic commands by increasing the level of difficulty to mimic real-world situations. Special attention will be paid to problems that crop up during adolescence, greeting people, heeling on and off leash, and go to your bed.